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  • Samsung Galaxy Note8 Official Launch Sept 15th 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Official Launch Sept 15th 2017

  • Terry Barnes
  • September 15, 2017
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The battle continues between Samsung and Apple for market share in the smartphone arena. I’ve always been a huge Samsung fan, and after using an Apple Iphone 7plus for the past couple of months I can say I am even a bigger fan of Samsung products. The Iphone 7plus is a nice phone, however very simple and boring compared the the features and camera quality of the Samsung smartphones. The craze over Iphones reminds me of those kids in high school with insecurity and identity issues that had to have the latest trends and brag about it.

I am one for sure that is looking forward to receiving the new Galaxy Note 8 release date is Friday, September 15 in the US and UK, while Australia will get the new phone on September 22. Pre-orders are open now, and some users are getting the phone early – as soon as this week.

Check out the features of the new Note8

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