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Google: Adds Questions and Answers to local business listings

  • Terry Barnes
  • September 11, 2017
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Over the past week, Google has rolled out a new feature on Local Business’s Google Listings, Questions, and Answers. This allows users to post and submit questions in a public forum environment. The feature allows business owners and also other users to respond to questions that everyone can see. At this point, the feature is only available to mobile users, which we believe is part of the overall effect from Google going to a 100% mobile environment. 

When a consumer posts a question, notifications come over via GMB APP, currently, the questions do not show up on Desktop GMB accounts or on the Business Local Listing via desktop. We are looking at this as an alternative review platform from Google, and businesses need to pay close attention to the new feature to ensure competitors are not submitting questions that could be negative towards your business.

Below is more details from Google and what to expect, in addition, we will continue to monitor and update our clients as we learn more. The Q&A is active on 100% of business listings via mobile devices.

Planning a visit to a local business can raise questions ranging from “Does this restaurant provide high-chairs?” to “What accessibility accommodations do this B&B offer?” When looking for answers, 82% of people turn to search engines, but they often have a hard time finding accurate, up-to-date information.1 That’s why Google is bringing Questions and Answers to local business listings.

As a business owner, you have the most reliable answers to your customers’ questions and we want to make it easy for you to receive and respond to those questions. That’s just what Questions and Answers lets you do. To start using it, just search for your business on your mobile phone and go to the Questions and Answers feature on your Google business listing.

Questions and Answers offers new ways for you to engage with your customers:
  • Add frequently asked questions to your listing so that mobile users who find your business on Google Search and Google Maps can easily get the answers to your customers’ most common questions.
  • Answer questions from potential customers on Google Search and Google Maps on your mobile phone. If you have Google Maps on Android, we‘ll also send you a push notification when a new question has been asked about your business so you can post an answer instantly.
  • Highlight top responses. Beyond FAQs and your own responses, customers are also able to answer each other’s questions. You can highlight the most helpful answers from your customer community by using the thumb to bump them up to the top of the list.

If you’re not using Google My Business yet, sign up and start managing your free business listing on Google. Once you’ve verified your business, you’ll be ready to start posting and answering questions. To learn more, visit the Google Maps Help Center.

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